How to use writing as a marketing tool.

African businessman
African businessman

Writing is the center point for content marketing and it’s imperative for writers to produce great copies that draw the audience to there businesses. Often times, writing sucks, doesn’t it? It does! However, the good news about writing that sucks is that it can be improved.

Content creators ought to be kind to themselves when it comes to writing content to post on their websites, blogs, or social media. At the beginning of your writing task, don’t expect everything to come out perfect, however, with practice, the content will be improved.

The world is the need for content that is meaningful and compelling. There are so many interesting things you can write about your business. Writing comes in handy as a tool to educate your audience about your business and also brands you as an expert in your industry.

Any business that does not create content online could be missing out on clients unknowingly. Clients want to feel cared for, want a reason to buy your products, and also need to be convinced to trust your business.
There are several ways to achieve this but writing good content is one way. Good content is easy to create, lets show you how!


Your business provides products and services that need to be marketed. If you don’t tell anyone about your business, no one will know about it. Tell your audience about your products.

You could start by telling them what benefits they can draw from your products. Demonstrate to them how to use your products, highlight the mistakes they do while they use your products, and show them how to correct such mistakes.

If clients find solutions from the content you write, your business will be a go-to place. You have all the solutions, write to them, and market your business.

Tell a story

People easily buy into stories and your customers’ experiences are perfect stories to market you. When you tell a story, it keeps into the memory of readers. Unless you have not made a single sell, you can draw so many stories from your few clients. Writing these stories is a great marketing strategy.

There are many people who will relate to the story or who know someone to whom the story relates. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your market influence. Write the stories

Use bulleted points
There are so many lazy readers on the internet. They don’t have time to read through the entire article you write however, they need to get knowledge. Your business needs to convince them as well.

Bulleting your points gives them a chance to quickly look through your article. As soon as they land on a point that appeals to them, they will get in touch.

Write short paragraphs

How do you feel when you read a very long paragraph? Boring, right?

To write great articles that will market your business, you ought to write short and sweet paragraphs. A compelling paragraph should have not more than three lines.

Short paragraphs are tantalizing. They are such an accomplishment! Give your readers space between the ideas to allow them to enjoy the article.

Ask a question

The best engaging articles always end with a question. This can be a request for feedback or experience from your audience about the article. It is advised to use Italics, in conclusion, to enable it to stand out from the rest.

Share your content

After writing your article, Market it! Be confident about your article.

Are you worried that your article is not the best? With practice, your writing will improve. Even Rome was not built in a day.

Now, use all your marketing channels and share your article. Distribute your article on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, and don’t forget to post it on your website or blog.

Have you observed any area in your writing that you should improve in marketing your business? Share your thoughts

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