How business writing affects marketing.   

Several organizations overlook the importance of business writing in marketing their businesses. They fail to invest in training their staff to be great writers. Most entrepreneurs lack time to write. A number of organizations rely on the writing skills their employees attained through the education system yet academic writing is different from business writing.  

Writing a very good article, blog post, email, or any kind of business writing is not as easy as the word writing sounds. If you asked writers, marketers, or any business owners what task consumes most of their time, writing will be an obvious answer.

It’s very easy to enjoy writing especially when you understand the benefits that come with it. Irrespective of the industry in which your business operates, writing is undeniable!

This article highlights a few benefits you can derive from business writing. 

Writing Drives Sales

Business writing impacts the entire business cycle. Writing is done to win business, inform clients, seek information in the form of feedback to persuade buyers, and promote services.  While writing, a customer should be at the center of your writing. All of us are customers in our private lives and we have reasons as to why we buy product A over product B.

An effectively written article has the potential to persuade the reader to take a buying action. This piece of writing carries the charisma of the organization, or product passing it onto the reader. The reader’s judgment of the written content is usually seen with the decision they make.

A good marketing copy presents your organization as professional and competent thus winning the trust of the prospects. The more the customers trust your business the higher the chances of growing your sales revenue.  

Improves Brand Reputation

Reading your content gives your audience an experience of working with your organization, even if it’s a virtual experience.  Clients relate to your business through your blogs, websites, social media platforms, and Emails.

If these copies are written well, they improve how your audience views your business in the industry. One of the goals in business writing is  ‘to be understood by the customer’. If customers fail to understand your content, they will opt for another supplier. And once your message is easy to understand, customers will be screaming your name and your products everywhere.

Gain Influence

What is that number one tagline that comes into your mind when someone asks for a soft drink?  Coca-cola has “ Taste the feeling”  Only good writers are able to come up with such tag lines. In marketing, a tagline is a call to action that persuades readers to act and can be remembered anytime a product is mentioned.

Good writers are influential to their audiences. They make their readers believe what they say because they say it with a lot of clarity and in a convincing way. Once you win the heart of your readers, your brand gains recognition and becomes influential in the market. 

In conclusion, whatever industry you operate in, never despise the power in business writing. Invest in gaining knowledge to improve your writing, or hire professionals to write your marketing copies.

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