Four ways to market your small business.

African Business Woman

There are many ways you can promote, create awareness about your business. Here are five ways to help you with marketing your business.  Remember, you don’t need to implement all things, get one that works for your business, and run with it, implement it in your business and watch it blossom. Small business is Big business. 

#1 – Build your social following on Social media. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter offer wider access to potential customers all over the world. 

There are millions of products and services on social media and your business is amongst those looking to capture people’s attention online. You can’t get the attention if you keep being an average person online. 

You have to beat the competition by providing your followers with content that will keep them interested in you and what your brand offers. 

Building your social media following helps you create a valuable asset that allows you to market over and over without a dime. Just endeavor not to over bombard your followers with too much content that will turn them off and disconnect them from your brand. Subtle and clever posts certainly trigger interest in your brand. 

#2 – Form partnerships.

No man is an island and if you want your business to grow and increase its market influence, you need to align your self with other small businesses you know and probably have the same values that you stand for. 

Synergising is one way of tapping into each other’s strengths and promoting each other with or without financial input. This can be done through creating a referral network for example. A person running a restaurant business and may host events can get into a network with florists, photographers, winery. 

If you form such partnerships, you will be putting your business in front of your targeted audience helping you to quickly grow your customer base and increase your revenue. 

#3 – Engage your customers 

What happens if you take a long time without hearing from someone? You forget about them, not so? Yes, that’s what happens if you take long without engaging customers, they forget about you. 

Customers are supposed to be managed and that’s the reason why customer Relationship managers and management software exist. The software helps you keep all details of your customers and be able to keep in touch with them. 

Even when you can’t afford to pay to own software, there are several free CRM software online including Hubspot. Make your emailing list a touch base to engage customers. It is prudent for you to send interesting information related to your industry rather than sending direct sales offers. 

If customers keep receiving constant industry-relevant information, your brand keeps fresh in their minds, and anytime they think of someone to offer a service, yours is their first priority. 

What we do as Trillion Ventures is to constantly provide marketing and business development content to clients to help them improve their businesses and later turn them into clients. 

#4 – Hustle! Hustle! Hustle! 

Your business is your baby. Its growth depends on how you nurture it, how you care for it, how you feed it. Registering your business, putting together a website, and pulling all the assets you need to start a business is not enough. You must get to the streets! 

Go get clients, and make them understand your business and fall in love with it.  Successful businesses gain traction and become successful because of the founder’s hustle. 

Pound the phones all day and night and get clients, Talk to everybody possible about your business.  Does it cost you anything to hustle? Hit the streets and generate sales for yourself, the reward will be amazing. 


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