Five Online Marketing Mistakes to correct.

Do you ever feel your online content is not receiving the attention it deserves? You have invested money in building a website, hired social media managers, and content developers but still, have little or no attention online?
Here is a quick look into the common mistakes many businesses commit to online marketing. However remember Stephen R Covey’s quote, ‘ to learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.”
Therefore, after reading, Unlearn, and Learn certain things by applying what you have learned or it will be a waste of your time. Let’s dive in!

Mistake 1: Your website takes too long to load!

We are in a world where people love fast things. The adage, time is money comes in handy. You did a great job owning a website but remember clients want to have the best experience online.
This experience is affected by the speed at which your website loads. It has been proven that over 40% of web visitors will leave a website if it takes more than three (3) seconds to load.
There are quite a number of tools online which you can use to help you find what is slowing down your website and do a quick fix. ( What tools) And if you cant fix this yourself then a digital marketing consultant is invaluable.

Mistake 2: No address Listed on your website.

With e-commerce, a physical location may not be the ultimate address for your website. However, ensure you have phone contact, box number, and email address which your prospects or clients can use to reach you.
Many businesses lose clients because prospects have no way of reaching out to them to make inquiries.
This information is the key to marketing your business online and customers require it to reach you. Also, it’s important to include your contact hours such that customers know when to reach you. This is very simple to fix. Call your web developer or digital marketer to help you fix it and if you have the skill why not fix it yourself?

Mistake 3: Unresponsive on social media.

Nothing frustrates prospects like making an inquiry to which they receive to a response. Apart from using social media as a marketing channel, it is also a customer service channel.
Through social media, you can build a community of customers who love your products, recommend them, and trust your brand. Replying to messages on social media platforms and comments from clients is one way your audience will be built. Do not neglect this. Do not be too busy to respond.

Mistake 4: Typos on your website.

How do you feel when you read sentences with grammatical errors? Awful, right? That’s exactly how other people feel when they read content on your website with grammatical errors. Customers can only trust you with work if you prove to be professional. Grammatical errors, typos affect your marketing efforts. Do your best and look through the content you publish online. Ensure that spellings are correct, spacing and punctuation are done right.
Regularly, have another person proofread your content, run a spell check before your content goes live.

Mistake 5: Posting Frequently.

Quality should never be compromised for quantity. When you are silent about your business online, customers will choose your competitors over you. However, posting too much too soon overwhelms customers.
When Customers find their feeds filled with your content for too long, they will unfollow you. Whatever marketing strategy you have for your business chose to share quality content once in a while.

In our next post, we shall share about the best times to post as you market your business online.
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