Business Training

Over 90% of the businesses do not live to celebrate their first anniversary! The major reason is many entrepreneurs start business without any formal business training. With this experience, it becomes hard for them to figure out ways to get the word out to the public. It’s pretty hard for them to let customers know about their brands, products and services.

In our customized business training, we equip business owners with skills to build their businesses from the ground up.  We help businesses remodel their business as a way of focusing their efforts on profitable audiences. Whatever challenges you encounter in your business, we have a solution for it. Sign up for our training.

Social media marketing training

A number of businesses are embracing social media marketing to complement their marketing efforts. So many things go wrong while unskilled people are trusted with social media accounts. Content that does not get engagement, content that is poorly written, wrong posting time, focusing on audiences which are not your ideal and potential customer.

Social media marketing has potential in acquiring customers that you need for your business. However if you are not giving it the attention it deserves, then you are missing out on its super benefits.

Business Modelling Training

Its exciting when you get a business idea but the confusion that comes after is very troubling. After conceiving an idea to start up a business, you need to develop a road map for your business. This road map is what is called the business model. It’s a blue print for your business success.

Many startups rash into developing business plans before they develop their business models, however this is absolutely wrong! Developing a business is likened to building a house. You cannot start constructing without first drawing the sketches of how the construction will take place. 

Content creation training

Social media marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy backed by powerful content. Content can be both written and visual. The best way to achieve results from content marketing is through developing content that the audience can easily engage with. Such content easily converts prospects into customers.

We understand the struggles business face with creating good content. And that’s why we have a training for just that. Google loves good content and so do customers. Let’s help you reach your customers through your content

Customer Service training

Customer is King and ought to be treated like a King. Unfortunately, may businesses fall short of customer service skills. 54% of customers who get a bad experience with a business will not return to it. It is therefore important for businesses to learn how to serve customers to their total satisfaction.

Its very expensive to acquire a customer than to retain them and that’s why this training is important for you and your business. You will be able to acquire skills to help you deliver excellent service which will help you scale by attracting and retaining customers.To support your marketing effort, invest in the customer service training.

If your marketing department isn’t working as effectively as it could be, then you need to train your team.
Remember , marketing does not work independent of other departments in your company.